Bones Had A Decapitation Mishap Behind The Scenes – SlashFilm


In the episode, the forensics team is looking up at the hanging corpse when the neck finally gives way, dropping both head and body to the ground for a spectacular jump scare. The special effects team had to create a fake body that would look realistic dropping, in addition to some kind of rig to make it drop on command. Special effects makeup team co-lead Chris Yagher explained that unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned:

“We met with the special effects department a few days before shooting and discussed placing a remote controlled latch in the head and neck. Upon activation, the latch was supposed to disconnect the head from the neck, allowing the head to fall off. As the cameras rolled on the day of shooting, the special effects technician pressed the button –- and nothing happened. We tried it again, and again. Nothing happened. Of course, this mishap was not how we wanted to introduce ourselves to the rest of the crew!”

Some things can be explained away with first-day jitters, but in this case, it’s just a case of technology being glitchy. It happens! Thankfully, the team figured out a different rig where they had a hidden cable directly connected to the latch, allowing them to just yank it and force the latch open manually when directed to do so. That rig worked perfectly, and gag went off without a(nother) hitch. 

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