Bobbi Althoff’s Husband Files For Divorce After 3 Years Of Marriage


Podcaster and viral host Bobbi Althoff’s husband has filed for divorce after three years of marriage.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the podcaster’s husband — Cory Althoff –– filed for dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles County Courts.

In the filing, Cory claims he has been separated from the viral sensation since the 4th of July 2023. Althoff is asking the court to grant him joint custody of their two daughters.

As you know, Bobbi went viral in the past few months for her unique interviewing style which includes her seemingly always in a bad mood. She has interviewed huge celebrities like Drake, Lil’ Yachty, and Offset. In 2021, she created a TikTok focusing on sharing updates about her pregnancy. In 2023, she created a podcast named ‘The Really Good Podcast.’

Althoff’s style is “unfazed, dry, bored in an ironic way,” says Vox. Adding, “She asks her interview subjects what they wear, how they live, and what they like to eat, but doesn’t seem that interested in what they have to say. She meets most of them with deadpan sarcasm and silence, making her guests live in the discomfort of whatever they just revealed.”

Althoff married Cory Althoff in January of 2020, a programmer who works as a senior vice president at CompTIA. She met her ex-husband on Bumble. They have two daughters, who were born in December 2019 and June 2022. Althoff often refers to her daughters as Richard and Concrete to keep their identities private.

In the divorce filing, Cory is asking the court to deny any spousal support for either of them. Plus, he says the exact nature of their community property will be determined at a later date.

It should be noted, that although Bobbi keeps some of her private life from the public eye, she revealed she struggles with depression. 

Bobbi shot to fame after the Drake interview, which included a trip to one of his concerts. Althoff posted an Instagram Reel showing her having a miserable time at the concert.

Keeping in line with her persona, she shared photos of her near the stage annoyed and judgmental looking. Althoff can be seen standing still with her arms crossed as her friends jumped, danced, and sang along to the music.

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