Bob Odenkirk Is Making Another Action Movie (And With A Really Exciting Director) – SlashFilm


While perhaps not quite reaching the heights of “John Wick” or other genre classics before it (as accurately pointed out by Chris Evangelista in his review for /Film), “Nobody” still altered our brain chemistry and announced Bob Odenkirk as one of our most versatile performers around. Having already established himself as a comedic force (for a recent reminder, check out his appearance in that hilarious “I Think You Should Leave” skit in season 2), he proved his dramatic chops over and over again throughout both “Breaking Bad” and especially “Better Call Saul” before finally convincing us all of his shoot-em-up prowess in 2021. Now, he’ll get the chance to flex those muscles even more on “Normal.”

Now, about that plot synopsis I promised you earlier. THR describes Odenkirk’s character (named Ulysses) as a “temporary sheriff” in the small town of Normal, a job title they quote Derek Kolstad explaining as, “the substitute teacher of the sheriff world.” In full, Ulysses is “…running away from the demons of his past, who has taken over in the sleepy town of Normal after the untimely death of the town’s original lawman. But when the town’s bank is robbed by outsiders, Ulysses uncovers a deep criminal conspiracy at the heart of Normal and realizes that everyone in town, from the bartender to the priest, is in on it.”

Can I get a “Hell, yeah” from everyone else geeking out over the sheer potential of a story like this? There’s no release date or even a distributor attached to the project just yet, but that’ll soon change as any studio exec with a pulse ought to be tripping over themselves to buy this script and rake in the cash at the box office. Stay tuned!

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