Billie Eilish Soaking Wet In Ocean Photos Deemed Invasive


Billie Eilish did not appear aware that she was being photographed as she got soaking wet during a Malibu surfing session in October 2020. Making headlines for enjoying time with brother Finneas, the 22-year-old pop sensation got her heart rate up the fun way as she showed off her surf skills, but not everyone seeing the images proved impressed. When images of Billie in her skintight wetsuit were circulated by The Daily Mail, the most-liked reply damned the paparazzi for taking the photos in the first place. The fan complaining stated that snapping photos of Billie without her consent is invading her “private life.”

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Billie Eilish Photographed Surfing In Malibu

Scroll for the photos. Shot far out as she handled challenging waves and kept her balance in some snaps, Billie low-key highlighted her curvy figure in a wetsuit so tight, it was giving a second skin effect. The Grammy winner, who nearly always covers her figure up in baggy clothing, offered a rare display of her silhouette in her all-black look, also reminding fans of the bond she holds with brother Finneas.

Photographed waist-deep in the ocean in one shot, Billie showed off her green-dyed hair tips as her hair color made her instantly recognizable, with Finneas seen next to her and also in a wetsuit.

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Surfing on her belly in some photos, Billie Eilish also gave proper surfing a go, balancing both feet on the board as she soaked up the ocean atmosphere. At the time of the photos, the chart-topping hitmaker was 18 years old.

Over 140 fans upvoted a comment that was angry from start to finish. “Take these pictures down, it’s her private life and you need to respect that she even asked for people to take them down,” the user began, adding: “Imagine someone following you around and taking pictures of you then posting it online where its widely spread and you didn’t want them to be anywhere not even taken.” Here, the user alleged that Eilish has requested for photos to be taken “down,” then pointing the finger back at the newspaper while speaking of people who “won’t listen.”

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Stuns Sunkissed In Bikini

Billie certainly didn’t ask anyone to take down her self-posted swimwear snap last summer. In a very rare swimwear display, the “LUNCH” singer showcased her gorgeous figure in a printed, multicolor bikini, hanging out from a backyard and looking both happy and relaxed. There’s been major bikini action since, though.

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Fourth Of July Bikini With Fireworks

Billie Eilish was back in swimwear just this month as she celebrated the Fourth of July.

Rocking a Barbiecore bathing suit as she showed plenty of skin, the singer stripped down for late-night bikini action as she wore a pink two-piece, sharing a photo of herself holding a firework to Instagram.

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