Bianca Censori Is Nearly Naked In Public In A One-Piece Swimsuit


Bianca Censori has no intention to stop making sultry public appearances, at least not anytime soon. On a recent Italian outing with her husband, Kanye West, she went almost naked in a one-piece bathing suit.

The couple had previously sparked public outrage in Italy when they were seen flashing too much skin, with some fans calling for the pair to be arrested.

Bianca Censori and Kanye West always cause a stir wherever they go due to their controversial choice of clothing.

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Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori Dons Extremely Racy One-Piece Swimsuit In Public


The Australian-born architect and designer has turned heads once again with her latest sultry appearance. She was spotted flaunting her curves in a daring one-piece bathing suit that left little to the imagination.

Censori wore the eye-catching ensemble in Prato, Italy, as she accompanied West into an unnamed building. In the tiny piece, she threw caution to the wind, leaving her chest, rear end, and backside almost visible for all to see.

She maintained her usual dark hairstyle and completed her risque appearance with tan heels while holding a notepad with some design sketches on it.

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It is unknown what the sketches were for, but Censori worked as a designer at Yeezy before marrying West in 2022. The “Vultures 1” rapper is also understood to have operated his Yeezy fashion brand in Prato, a major fashion hub.

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Fans Are Getting Fed Up With Bianca Censori’s Racy Outfits

Kanye West with wife Bianca Censori

Some fans took to X to share their reactions to Censori’s latest daring look, with some showing indifference to her dress.

A fan wrote, “Why is it that he is always fully covered and she isn’t???” while another added that Censori is a “nudist.”

A third X user wrote, “Honestly, who cares what she wears?”

“That notebook is her next outfit,” another user penned, referencing the sketchbook Censori held as she strolled into the building.

Another individual noted they were more “into reading those sketches” she was carrying with her.

“Well, she doesn’t wear anything, apparently,” one more person noted.

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Bianca Censori And Kanye West Raised Eyebrows Upon Landing In Italy

Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori

The couple caused a stir when they touched down in the country last Monday, months after their amorous boat incident that sparked public outrage for indecent exposure.

According to the DailyMail, the Australian beauty still managed to set tongues wagging as she wore a racy jumpsuit that laid bare her backside. She was also spotted holding on to a white pillow, seemingly covering the top half of her body.

Last summer, the controversial couple came under heavy scrutiny while in Italy due to a boating incident that saw the “Donda” rapper’s buttocks exposed in front of tourists as Censori rested her head on his lap. This action led to calls for their arrest in the country.

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Although they were banned from the water taxi company, that didn’t prevent them from returning to the country as they were in Milan last February for the Milan Fashion Week.

The Alleged Reason Behind The Couple’s Italian Trip

Kanye West & Bianca Censori leaving their hotel during Paris Fashion Week

West and Censori’s trip to Italy came just two days after what would have been the rapper and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian’s 10th wedding anniversary. This led body language expert Judi James to believe their antics were a nod to his former marriage with Kardashian.

“Almost ten years to the day since Kanye married Kim in Florence in one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the decade he’s back with his current wife Bianca and they seem to be making a rather controversial nod to the anniversary by both appearing clad in bridal white outfits,” James said, per the DailyMail.

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She went on, “This looks like statement dressing as well as statement-making body language. The couple present as a matching duo, with Kanye swapping his top-to-toe black fabrics for a more eye-catching white combo that reveals his face and which looks chosen to compliment Bianca’s body stocking.”

“He’s also more tactile,” James added. “While Bianca walked out alone with the first airbag fashion, this time there seem to be more romantic connection signals between them with Kanye at one point placing a hand on his wife’s hip in a signal of sexual approval and attraction.”

Bianca Censori’s Family Fears Kanye West Would Drag Her Into The Porn Business

Kanye West Calls Wife Bianca Censori The Most 'Amazing Stepmom' With '140 IQ'
Instagram | Kanye West

In April, West announced his plan to venture into the world of adult entertainment through “Yeezy Porn.”

Although the rapper has yet to confirm if those plans have been scrapped, the continued sighting of his wife in public wearing explicit outfits has her family worried that West might be “dragging” her into his controversial venture.

According to a source, they believe that the “Donda” crooner is using the female architect to “promote sexual indecency” to prop up the hype around his project.

The insider shared with the DailyMail: ‘The fact that he is dragging her into the adult film world with him and using her as a billboard already to promote sexual indecency is absolutely appalling and very worrying.

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The source added, “They feel he has convinced her that this is a good idea because it will make them wealthier.”

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