17 Multifunctional Pieces You’ll Wear at Work, Home and Beyond


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Life comes at you fast. Between going to work, spending time with family, hanging out with friends, and chores, you barely have time for yourself. Sure, you want to stay fashionable, too, but it can be hard to figure out which outfit you want to pull off next when time always feels like it’s ticking away. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple (and affordable) solution that you might not have considered: multifunctional that can go from one look to another, in the blink of an eye!

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For instance, you might wear a pencil skirt to work, get home to get the kids put down for their naps while you wait for the babysitter, and then jet out on a date. Or you might wear a fun blazer out to brunch with the girls, then throw on a nice business casual blouse before you head to the office for the day. These pieces do the work so you can get back to doing what you want to: living life! Check them out and build up your multifunctional wardrobe without having to pay too much.

17 Multifunctional Pieces You’ll Wear at Work, Home and Beyond

1. Blaze On: This vegan leather blazer is great for the office or for jazzing up with a cute miniskirt at night  — just $38!

2. Going Wild: Throw on this leopard print sequin turtleneck for a night out or pair it with slacks for the next workday — just $215!

3. No Slacking: Shimmy into these shiny, skinny jeans with a sheer sheen and wear them to a concert or to a fancy dinner  — just $132!

4. Darling Dots: Hit the town in this adorable embroidered dress and then take your kids to their playdate  — just $345!

5. Red Hot: Keep warm in this bright red jacket with detachable hood and sleeve-warming elements — was $120, just $75!

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6. Mini but Mighty: This mini pencil skirt is professional by day but can get wild at night  — just $21!

7. Ssseriously Chic: Wear this snakeskin-like turtleneck on an outing or double it with slacks for a parent teacher conference — just $18!

8. On the Go-Go: These white platform boots are the perfect companion for a night out, and they can carry through the next day too  — was $80, now just $50!

9. Super Lucky: You can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans, and these are fit for any occasion — just $31!

10. Go Hobo: This darling little bag is the perfect look for heading out to dinner or for clubbing the night away — just $22!

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11. White Album: This chic white minidress can angelic or positively demonic based on what you pair it with   — just $73!

12. Locked Up: This fun heart padlock necklace is just the right amount of edge for any occasion — just $10!

13. Pretty in Pink: Go innocent pink and black slacks for a work meeting or wear a skintight mini skirt with this powder pink turtleneck to make a statement — just $17!

14. Shimmery Sequins: Party all night long in this rose gold sequined mini dress or wear with leggings for a bold statement at work — just $125!

15. Blackout: A sleek black pencil skirt is perfect for a work party, but pair it with a crop top to make a party-perfect statement — just $258!

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16. Powder Blue: Let these powder blue pants do the talking either day or night  — just $49!

17. Pure Venom: This snakeskin shirt dress packs a punch, so let it sink its teeth into you — was $50, just $185!

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