Benny Blanco and HexClad Team Up for a Limited-Edition Apron


Music magnate, actor and cookbook author Benny Blanco is known for producing and writing hit songs for artists like Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa. His love life has also become a spicy topic since he began dating Selena Gomez. And now Blanco has something new to add to his resume: chef’s apron designer. In collaboration with HexClad, the Gordan Ramsay-loved cookware brand known for top-notch frying pans and knives, the tie-dyed apron is made completely from recycled materials. 

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Stay clean in style with the Benny Blanco-styled HexClad Eco-Modern Apron, loved by chefs. It is water-resistant, eco-friendly, has three pockets and a conversion chart. The apron collab is a hot follow-up to Blanco’s new cookbook, Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends. It has a cornucopia of recipes from lobster rolls to veggie sandwiches, garnering praise like, “I love this book so much” from Drew Barrymore.

You can purchase the limited-edition apron for $119 or bundle it with the newly released cookbook for $129. Below, shop the HexClad x Benny Blanco apron as well as the new cookbook to whip up something delicious this summer.

Benny’s Eco Modern Apron


Benny’s Eco Modern Apron

The lavender-and-white signature apron with “Benny Blanco” printed on the lower right corner is made of durable recycled material, keeping 34 plastic bottles out of landfills. It’s water-, oil- and stain-resistant and also has awesome pocket options.


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