Key & Peele, Is That You? Barack Obama Goes Viral After Dapping Up Team USA Players (WATCH)


Barack Obama went viral after a clip showed him dapping up players at USA Basketball’s 50th Anniversary party.

USA Today reports the former president made a surprise visit to speak to the Olympians on the importance of repping the U.S.

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Barack Obama Goes Viral After Dapping Up Team USA Players

Before Team USA heads overseas to compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, they enjoyed a lil’ celebration with a special guest. Barack took a moment to shake each player and coach’s hands on Team USA, but social media noticed a difference in some greetings. When the 62-year-old seemingly approached Black players, he dapped them up. It was more personal, exhibiting the way many Black men greet each other in America. You could hear a ‘smack’ when his hand connected with many of the players’ palms. This is usually the sign of a top-tier dap-up. However, when he seemingly shook the hands of white players and coaches, it was more of a standard corporate handshake. However, he did extend hugs to some of the men.

Social Media Reacts To Obama’s Viral Video

Commenters under The Shade Room’s post noted that the video clip reminded them of Key & Peele’s sketch, which exaggerated the difference in handshakes when Obama greets some African Americans.

@marquiesa said, “He knew what he was doing and that makes it even funnier!”

“Plot twist. He saw the skit,” singer and entrepreneur @iamspectacular said.

@rolling.wins said, “Key & Peele was so accurate.”

“He made sure them daps hit extra hard just in case Kendrick was watching,” @suckafreesi quipped.

@soularea reminisced on Obama’s time in the Oval Office. “Idc what nobody says having a Black Man as a president was such a time. Super relatable & comforting. He couldn’t repair all the damage from Presidents before but he did his best. My President will always be Black,” she wrote.

Team USA is a favorite team to win, but France reportedly may give them a run for their money. Obama said he’s “confident” his boys will “[bring] back” the dub.

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