Barack Obama Declined A Cameo In 3 Body Problem For A Very Funny Reason – SlashFilm


Benioff, feeling ambitious, thought they would merely ask Obama if an appearance was possible. He turned them down, but, being polite, he was good enough to provide a reason. Benioff noted that Obama claimed to be withholding his diplomatic skills for real-world alien visitations. Benioff said: 

“He did sign a very funny note though, when we tried to get him for a cameo. (…) It was to the effect of, ‘In case there ever is a real alien invasion, I think I should probably save myself for that crisis.'”

Weiss summed up by saying: “He wants to keep his powder dry in case there’s a real thing.” 

The inspiration to ask Obama came from a 2017 interview with the New York Times when the former president said that he was a big fan of the original novel. He also noted that an alien crisis would dwarf his political concerns, permitting him to temporarily ignore the issues he regularly faced talking to Congress. Obama even recommended it on an end-of-the-year reading list. The Nobel-winning former president is famously well-read and releases annual lists of the best new books of the year; it’s hard to come by a better recommendation. 

/Film very much enjoyed “3 Body Problem,” calling it “brazenly nerdy,” which was, I assure you, a very, very positive thing. For those who can easily define the word “syzygy,” this will be the series of you. Our ultimate score was an 8 out of 10.

“3 Body Problem” season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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