Oh, Wow! Atlanta Man Sentenced In Connection To Fatally Shooting Friend Over $35 Debt


Folks on social media are debating the importance of paying your debts as a friend! An Atlanta man named Rickey Carter sparked the conversation after being sentenced to life in prison plus five years. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 65-year-old Carter shot and killed his “longtime friend” over a $35 debt.

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A DeKalb County court found Rickey guilty of felony and malice murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony on Monday (March 18). Carter reportedly murdered 48-year-old Quinlan Parker on Jan. 28, 2022.

What Police Say Happened Between Atlanta Man & Friend Who Owed Him $35

In 2022, DeKalb County officers discovered Quinlan deceased from a single gunshot wound to the chest, per 11Alive. They had been called to the scene, which was an apartment on Maypop Lane in Decatur.

Parker’s wife reportedly witnessed Rickey Carter and Quinlan arguing shortly after Carter arrived at their home. Rickey had apparently loaned Quinlan the money a few weeks before and was looking to collect his coins.

Eventually, as the argument escalated into a screaming match, Parker’s stepdaughter entered the living room and began videoing them on her cell phone. At some point after that, Rickey Carter pulled out a “small, black handgun,” per 11 Alive. Then came the single gunshot and Rickey leaving the scene.

Quinlan Parker’s wife hopped into action and attempted to give her husband CPR, but he died on the scene.

Though Rickey later tried to claim self-defense, per the prosecutor’s office, the stepdaughter’s video told a different story. Quinland was seemingly backing away from Rickey before the gun went off.

It’s unclear if this was the first time the former friends had any beef over money.

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