Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunites With His Greatest Co-Star For New Super Bowl Commercial – SlashFilm


The Super Bowl edition of the ad plays basically the same as the early version until the last 10 seconds, when Arnold is notified of a script change. Cut to the theatrical premiere of the movie within the movie, wherein Arnold is standing next to the diminutive DeVito, who gets to sign off the ad (complete with the flattering close-up) because he can pronounce “neighbor.” In the audience, Schwarzenegger and DeVito sit next to each other. The former calls the latter a “backstabaaa,” but DeVito corrects him: “Backstabber.”

Schwarzenegger and DeVito previously starred together in the 1988 comedy film “Twins,” directed by Ivan Reitman (with a title nicked from David Cronenberg’s original intentions for “Dead Ringers”). The comedy was all about the absurdity that two men as different-looking as Schwarzenegger and DeVito could be twins; the height discrepancy alone makes it implausible, which is why the two are a fitting screen duo. The film even makes the twins’ (Julius and Vincent) birth the product of a science experiment to explain this. 

The two actors later reunited for the comedy “Junior,” but that film is, well … a bit less beloved (and far less remembered). Meanwhile, that long-rumored “Twins” sequel never came to fruition, so fans will just have to settle for this small State Farm-sponsored reunion.

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