Army Veteran Kindly Myers In Strappy Lingerie Is ‘Giving Lonely Housewife’


Model Kindly Myers is “giving lonely housewife” in her strappy pink lingerie set!

The Army National Reserve veteran may be a lot of things, but with 3.5 million followers on Instagram alone, she certainly doesn’t seem lonely!

Kindly Myers Gives Vintage Vibes In Strappy Lingerie

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the Playboy cover model looked as elegant as could be in a sheer robe that barely concealed the strappy pink lingerie set that she was wearing underneath it. The robe had fuzzy white sleeves that trailed all the way down her arms, making them look like angel wings. Her long blonde hair fell all the way down her shoulders and appeared to reflect the glowing spotlight around her.

“It’s giving lonely housewife,” she wrote in the caption. A geotag placed her in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. “You are looking ever so radiant and beautiful,” one fan gushed. “Glamorous and gorgeous. Beautiful,” another follower agreed. “Okay, but this vintage vibe is insanely cool,” a third fan chimed in. “If you were my wife and you were wearing that, I’d never leave the house,” another follower teased while another fan called her “As gorgeous as ever.”

Kindly Myers Shows Off Her Fit Figure In A Little Black Dress

Only one day before she posted those photos, Kindly put her fit figure on display in a little black dress while giving fans some wellness tips. In the caption, she wrote:

“Did you know?
⚫️ Being near water helps your mental health by making you feel calmer.
⚫️ Sitting in the sun provides vitamin D and helps with depression.
⚫️ Taking deep breaths outside boosts your immune function.
⚫️ Going for a hike increases your endorphins and helps with stress.
⚫️ Spending time in nature helps alleviate symptoms of trauma.
⚫️ Listening to birds and sounds in nature lowers cortisol levels.
⚫️ Being in the outdoors, helps increase your focus.”

“Seeing Kindly helps my blood circulation,” one fan commented. “Did you know that seeing you takes my breath away?” another follower asked. “Good stuff! I had 5 deer in my yard last night, so I think my living room qualifies as ‘in nature,’” a third fan teased. “And following you on Instagram keeps your heart rate up,” another follower joked.

Kindly Is Ready To Go Back To Maui With Her BFF Lizzy

Kindly and model Lizzy Acosta have been friends for years. Last year, they took a trip to Maui together and showed off the fun adventures that they had there. In addition to sunbathing in the pool in tiny bikinis and going horseback riding, Kindly also shared a video of the two hugging while watching the sunset over the ocean. “I’m ready to go back to mail,” Kindly wrote in the caption, seemingly not catching her typo. She did put “Maui” and “Hawaii” in the hashtags of her post, however.

“Two beautiful ladies deserving all the flowers,” one fan commented. “Two beautiful women together,” another follower wrote. “Awww, look at you two sexy beauties enjoying Maui… take good care of each other,” a third fan chimed in. “You and Lizzy are so much alike,” another follower shared. “From John Deere to Horses? Woman after my own heart. Thank you both for your work with @babesintoylandcharity. You don’t get enough credit for this!!” another fan added.

Kindly Stuns In Her New Activewear

Kindly has been a model for CNC Activewear for a while now. In one post for the brand, she paired a creamy white sweatshirt with periwinkle leggings. She finished off her look with white crew socks and clean, white sneakers. “Earlier this year with @cnc.activewear. Use discount code: KINDLY,” she wrote in the caption. A geotag put her in Dallas, Texas.

“So gorgeous and so much fun!” one fan exclaimed. “I’m always impressed by your sense of style. You always know how to put together a great outfit, even when it comes to sportswear. You look amazing!” another follower gushed. “Nothing sexier than athletic women,” a third fan chimed in. “Hello, gorgeous. Blue is your color, it’s my color, and it suits you through and through,” another follower added.

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier tied her long blonde hair back into pigtails and flaunted her fit figure in an animal-print bikini in Aruba! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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