Ari Zucker Sues Over Alleged Sexual Harassment On ‘Days Of Our Lives’


Ari Zucker is accusing Albert Alarr of sexual misconduct on the set of ‘Days Of Our Lives.’

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the well-known actress with multiple awards and nominations filed a lawsuit against the soap opera producer for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Ari Zucker Seeking Damages For Albert Alarr’s Sexual Harassment 

In the documents, Zucker discloses that she started working at Corday Productions, owned by Ken Corday, around 1998. While she performed her duties as a “prominent and leading actress” for the company, she was subjected to severe and ongoing harassment and discrimination, including sexual harassment, by Alarr upon his employment.

This behavior allegedly included making inappropriate comments, non-consensual physical touching, and even instances of groping and forced kissing despite complaints from numerous actresses, including Zucker, to Corday and the HR of Sony Pictures Television — the distributors of “Days of Our Lives,” the situation reportedly continued unchecked for years.

Corday and Sony’s lack of a satisfactory response made the model feel “extremely uncomfortable and violated.” She notes that Alarr’s behavior extended beyond just making inappropriate comments and unwanted physical touching towards her. 


He allegedly used sexual language during rehearsals and scenes, even in front of the stage crew, and made suggestive comments to Zucker’s co-stars. The 67-year-old reportedly enjoyed aggressive and threesome s—x scenes and often followed up his conduct by mentioning the absence of HR. 

In one instance, the actress claims the producer touched her waist with fingers right above her vagina, during blocked of a scene.

Additionally, he allegedly laughed at anti-Semitic remarks made by another actress, contributing to a hostile environment for Zucker, who is Jewish. The actress also supposedly witnessed Alarr harassing other women and making derogatory comments about them, which made her feel intimidated and offended. 

She adds that her contract was set to expire this January, and when she tried to negotiate renewal terms, she was given a “take it or leave it” offer without room for discussion. Despite attempts to negotiate, the offer was refused, leading to her termination. 

This action, which Zucker believes was taken in retaliation against her, has resulted in her suffering “extreme emotional distress.”

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