Prayers Up! Aoki Lee Simmons Reveals Why Participating In Fashion Week “Ruined” Her Mental Health (PHOTOS)


Aoki Lee Simmons recently took to social media to reveal that the “last” Fashion Week she participated in “ruined [her] mental health.” 

The 21-year-old recently took to her Instagram stories to share precisely what occurred.

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Aoki Lee Simmons Shares Her Struggles In The Modeling Industry

Aoki made a series of posts on her Instagram Stories and shared her experience in the modeling world. She uploaded a full-body selfie with text that read, “The day that I was told just to go home because no one was gonna book me in Paris…” She stated that she still attempted to enjoy the city, although it was difficult.  In the next post, she revealed that she was told that “she was not skinny enough,” so she “[lost] weight.” Aoki said a client later told her that she was too slim. She said that she “didn’t tell the full story” of “the good and the VERY BAD” because she was “not ready.” Simmons explained that she is choosing not to because she’s unsure if she’s “ready to quit” the modeling industry just yet.

The Harvard University graduate stated that what she experienced was outside the usual factors to anticipate when modeling. Aoki Lee revealed that her mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, who was a supermodel during the 90’s and 2000s, “prepared [her]” and told her what to “expect.” Aoki shared that she felt “supported and protected by privilege” and was able to book two shows in Europe. Simmons added that she was “grateful” for her great experience, but more sinister things were at play. She thanked her followers for “giving her grace.”

Aoki says she’s in a better place now. The runway model stated her “fridge is fully stocked” and her “health is fully prioritized.”

Social Media Reacts To Aoki’s Revelation

Commenters under The Shade Room’s report weighed in on the model’s posts.

@dealswithdenise said, “Give her grace. She’s finding her way like we all had to in our 20s and she’s doing it with an audience.”

“S*** look how models were treated on America’s Next Top Model and they had no problem showing that on tv. I can only imagine behind the scenes,” @abundantlymgaic said.

@jermickwawoe quipped, “Tyra: Do you wanna be on top?”

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