Furiosa Star Anya Taylor-Joy Wasn’t Prepared For How Tough The Shoot Would Be – SlashFilm


If anyone’s equipped to play a young Furiosa, it’s Taylor-Joy. The rising star is no stranger to physically and mentally exhausting projects. Whether she’s freezing in the mud for Robert Eggers’ Viking epic “The Northman” or putting her ballet training to work while dancing up a storm in Edgar Wright’s giallo-flavored horror-thriller “Last Night in Soho,” the actor is known for liking a challenge. All the same, it sounds like “Furiosa” pushed her in unexpected but, based on her interview with Variety, exciting ways.

“I had the earliest call time of my life: 1:45 a.m. I’d be like, ‘I just wrapped! What do you mean?! It’s a mistake!'” Taylor-Joy recalled with what Variety described as “gleeful theater-kid energy.” In addition to the extra-long shooting days, the nature of the Wasteland meant the actor and her costars were extensively covered in dirt and gunk throughout filming. “You will not believe how dirty I had to be for it to read on camera,” Taylor-Joy explained. “The first time I looked at myself in the mirror (fake gasps) I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I looked like a creature from the Black Lagoon.” Indeed, the actor’s been getting splattered with fake blood since her film debut in Eggers’ “The Witch,” but insists that she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Of course, there’s blood — I’m always the ‘More blood!’ girl,” she added.

That didn’t necessarily change over the course of the movie’s six-and-a-half-month shoot, either — although there was a point where Taylor-Joy realized just how extensively she’d immersed herself in the “Mad Max” universe. “(One day I realized) I hadn’t seen anybody that wasn’t in Wasteland hair and makeup in two months,” she noted. “I had not seen anybody looking regular.”

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