Anya Taylor-Joy Was Exposed To The Mad Max World While Filming Another Sci-Fi Movie – SlashFilm


Still, the seeds for Taylor-Joy’s eventual entry into the “Mad Max” universe had already been sown. “The Witch” established her ability to not just play a lead role in a film with strong feminist themes, but to play a woman who responds to injustice specifically with anger rather than sadness. One of that movie’s best scenes is when her character, Thomasin, finally lashes out at her father for constantly accusing her of being a witch. “Eventually I said, ‘She’s angry; she’s f**king pissed. She’s been blamed time and time again, and she’s not doing anything. We have to stop with the crying,” Taylor-Joy recalled telling director Robert Eggers. 

Even for “Morgan,” a film that has unfortunately not stood the test of time as well as “The Witch,” there are still hints of the future “Furiosa” star to be found. There, she plays a gender-less robot who rebels against her human creators — a fitting early role for a star who’d play so many female characters who casually rebel against gendered expectations down the line. 

There was one clear mark against Taylor-Joy’s “Furiosa” prospects, however: the actress mentioned not liking the heat. “I also just don’t do well in heat. If I’m hot, I’m either crying or I’m screaming at someone,” she said in a 2016 press tour for “Morgan.” With “Furiosa” spending so much of its production in the Australian desert, let’s hope her hate of the heat has mellowed out since then. 

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