Anya Taylor-Joy In Braless Beach Dress With Her Turtle Is A ’10/10′


Anya Taylor-Joy proved a hit last summer as an Instagram fan account dedicated to her shared beach photos featuring her in a cute, polka-dot dress. Enjoying a turtle-themed outing as she showed off her cute sense of style, the 28-year-old actress flaunted her stunning figure in a leggy, near-backless look, also championing the braless trend adored by model Kendall Jenner and singer Miley Cyrus. Tenderly caring for a turtle she’d found and kept safe in a small green plant pot, Anya looked happy and peaceful as she enjoyed her solo moment, and it looks like the shots have gotten fans hot under the collar. Alongside getting called “beautiful,” The Queen’s Gambit star was dubbed a “10/10.”

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Polka-Dot Sundress With Her Turtle

Scroll for the photos, ones dating back to 2018, when Anya updated her Instagram in video mode with “Benji” who was “so excited to get into the ocean right now.”

Filmed solo on a sun-drenched shore formed of sand and pebbles, Anya carefully carried around her plastic green plant pot, initially not showing its contents. Drawing the eye to her model-like figure, the blonde flaunted her toned legs and tiny waist in a red and white minidress with fun polka-dot prints on it, also going braless as she soaked up rays.

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Showing a little sunburn on her chest as she highlighted her slender shoulders in her halterneck look, Anya looked down into the pot as she wore a boho, patterned hairband as an accessory, with fans eventually seeing a just-about visible turtle kept in water inside the pot. The Last Night in Soho star eventually released the animal into the ocean, stepping into shallow, ankle-deep waters to set it free.

The images are stills from Anya’s video. “Everything about this video is the cutest thing ever,” the fan sharing the shots wrote. “Very beautiful,” one fan replied. Another simply wrote: “10/10.”

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Fans Eyeing Up Her Sundress

In her initial caption, Anya had written:

“Releasing rehabilitated turtles into the wild. My love for all earthlings knows no bounds. It is our duty to protect, love and respect every single sentient creature on the planet. Those without voices need us to speak for them. Be kind and compassionate to every being great and small. None of them are any less worthy than any of us- be cognisant of that.” Here, again, fans gushed over the Hollywood star, and some even noted her cute dress sense. “Anya where did you get your dress? I adore it,” one fan asked.

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‘Down And Dirty’ In Bikini

Anya’s Instagram is now packed with mentions of high-end brands as her celebrity status attracts designer labels. In October 2023, the star gained over 1 million likes for stripping down to a skimpy Dior bikini top as she kneeled on sands in jeans and with a monogrammed Dior bad near her. “Getting down and dirty in @dior for the cover @oddamagazine,” she wrote.

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