Anna Paquin Admits It ‘Hasn’t Been Easy’ As She Uses A Cane For Support


Actress Anna Paquin recently appeared on the red carpet with a cane while promoting her new film “A Bit of Light,” directed by her husband Stephen Moyer.

According to reports, the actress has been battling an undisclosed illness that causes mobility issues.

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Anna Paquin Opens Up About Her Challenging Two Years With Health Issues


In an interview with People magazine, Paquin opened up about her challenging past two years and disclosed that along with mobility issues, she also faced difficulties with her speech.

“It hasn’t been easy,” the actress noted.

Despite these challenges, the Oscar winner remains optimistic about her recovery and expressed gratitude for being able to pursue her passion for independent filmmaking.

“My first love was independent filmmaking,” she said. “That’s how I entered the film industry. I was working with people who were all about telling stories and telling them with integrity and truth.”

The 41-year-old also credited her husband’s support during this difficult time and for directing the indie film, adding that he is her “favorite person to play with.”

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She praised Moyer’s directorial skills and emphasized her commitment to her craft, remarking: “I’m not sentimental when it comes to work.”

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Anna Paquin On Her Character In Upcoming Film ‘A Bit of Light’

Anna Paquin Admits It ‘Hasn’t Been Easy’ As She Relies On A Cane Amid Mysterious Health Issues

In the upcoming film “A Bit of Light,” Paquin portrays Ella, a struggling mother grappling with the loss of custody of her children to her ex-husband and his new partner and compelled to confront her past while navigating a tumultuous present. The talented supporting cast includes Ray Winstone, Youssef Kerkour, Pippa Bennett-Warner, and Luca Hogan.

While admitting that she doesn’t directly relate to Ella’s struggles with alcoholism, the actress shared that she understands the multifaceted nature of motherhood and the challenges women face in maintaining their individuality amid familial responsibilities.

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“Not everyone ends up having the journey with motherhood that they have hoped or had planned,” Paquin insightfully shared. “We’re all flawed and imperfect, and Ella is kind of on some level repeating some sort of familial patterns as far as stuffing feelings down.”

She added, “It’s very relatable because there’s so many ways that people can get in their own way, or sort of learn to cope with trauma.”

“A Bit of Light” is set for release in theaters on Friday, April 5.

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She Is Keeping Her Children Away From Social Media Scrutiny

Anna Paquin Admits It ‘Hasn’t Been Easy’ As She Relies On A Cane Amid Mysterious Health Issues

In an interview with People last month, Paquin discussed her approach to parenting her 11-year-old twins, Charlie and Poppy, whom she shares with her husband, Moyer.

The “American Underdog” actress emphasized the importance of maintaining a relatively social media-free environment for her children, allowing them to experience childhood without the constant scrutiny of online platforms.

“Luckily, it’s not a thing with them yet,” she noted. “They’re only 11. But I think it’s important to keep them as protected as possible and for them to get to be young without having every single moment of their lives documented.”

However, despite her successful career in acting, Paquin expressed openness to her children pursuing their own paths, even in the entertainment industry.

Acknowledging the potential opportunities that may arise for them, she said, “If opportunities came along to work with incredible people, would I say no on their behalf? Probably not. Look what I got to do — the people I’ve met along the way have been extraordinary.”

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Anna Paquin On The Importance Of Privacy In Her Life

Anna Paquin Admits It ‘Hasn’t Been Easy’ As She Relies On A Cane Amid Mysterious Health Issues

In a candid interview with Today Parents in 2018, Paquin shared her perspective on keeping her children out of the public eye.

Drawing from her own experiences as a child actor, who at 11 years old won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 for the film “The Piano,” Paquin emphasized the importance of privacy for her family.

Reflecting on her teenage years, she admitted to feeling self-conscious and protective of her personal life. “Everyone chooses what works for their family. There are aspects of one’s private life that are fun and cute and not too revealing,” she said.

The Actress And Her Husband Chose To Shield Their Kids From The Spotlight

Anna Paquin Admits It ‘Hasn’t Been Easy’ As She Relies On A Cane Amid Mysterious Health Issues

During the conversation, Paquin noted that she has always been “neurotic” about her privacy.

She said, “I’ve always been very private. I’m not as neurotic about it as I was when I was younger. I don’t want people to know too much about my real, inner private life.”

Paquin added, “That’s part of having been a teenager and feeling constantly, brutally self-conscious and not wanting anyone to stare at me but having a job where that was part of it.”

The mom of two also revealed that she and Moyer made a deliberate choice to shield their children from the spotlight, ensuring they have the freedom to grow up away from public scrutiny.

With a firm stance on safeguarding her children’s privacy, Paquin humorously asserted, “Don’t mess with my cubs.”

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