Angus Cloud’s Personal Assistant Sues Estate For Over $300K Owed Compensation


Angus Cloud‘s estate is being sued again for allegedly owing money, this time, his personal assistant is the one filing the lawsuit.

According to court documents obtained exclusively by The Blast, the former employee claimed Angus failed to pay her for almost two years resulting in a debt of over $300,000.

Angus Cloud’s Personal Assitant Files Claim For Owed Compensation

The personal assistant filed a Creditor’s Claim against the late “Euphoria” actor’s estate alleging that he failed to pay for services from September 2021 until July 2023, resulting in a debt of $115,000. He also claimed that Angus owed her ten percent ( 10%) commission for compensation received from his brand deals amounting to $195,000.


In total, the assistant says the actor’s estate is owing her a total of $310,000. The person listed several payments of $6,500 from his deals with Ralph Lauren, Fila, Reebok, Marc Jacobs, Raybans, Rockstar Energy, GMC and more.

The former personal assistant also attached to the court documents a screenshot of text exchanges between him and Angus’ mother, Lisa Cloud, where the matriarch admitted that her son failed to meet up with the agreed payments while complaining about his habitual drug use.

Recall that Angus was found dead in July 2023 in his family’s Oakland home. Autopsy reports later revealed that he had seven different narcotic and prescription drugs in his system at the time of his passing.

Angus Cloud’s Mother Complained About His Drug Use To Assistant

In one text, the assistant told Lisa “He knows I’m fed up. We argue all the time lately about me always telling him stuff,” to which the matriarch replied, “Me too. I always tell him that if you take care of things you have to do, no one has to ‘nag!’ I think the amount of drugs he takes all day every day immobilizes him in every way.”

Lisa continued, “If he needs you to do so much for him, (and he does) he needs to pay you a monthly assistant’s salary before he loses your friendship in a major blowup. I totally understand your friendship.”

The assistant also shared an exchange with Angus himself where he acknowledged that he didn’t have any money despite just finishing a deal. “my bad my g you just said you ain’t have bread. can’t have my business patna out here pockets light.”

See The Text Messages!

Angus Cloud's Personal Assistant Sues Estate For Over $300K Owed Compensation
The Blast

Angus’ former personal assistant’s allegations come after his former business manager made similar accusations of the late 25-year-old failing to pay for his services.

As The Blast reported, the manager, Diomi Cordero, alleged that the late Hollywood star owed him a total of $94,770 in unpaid commissions from several projects in Hollywood.

The manager claimed he and Cloud had an agreement for the late actor to pay ten percent (10%) commission of compensation received, but the late star breached the contract in early 2022. “Plaintiff has a record of [Angus] making numerous commission payments to him until he ceased making such payments with no basis,” the filing claimed.

Among the listed payment was a $17,500 payment from Angus’s Ralph Lauren fragrances gig, which he landed in February 2022 and a  $15,000 debt from “Euphoria” season 2 as well as another $15,000 payment from a collaboration with Atelier Luxury Group.

Angus’ collaborations with brands like Zara, Fila, Rayban, Reebok, Revolve, and more were included in the filing. Since his unfortunate death, the beloved rising actor’s estate has been subjected to numerous creditor’s claims filing.

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In November 2023, financial institution JP Morgan Chase filed a claim for a payment of $9,056.11, alleging that Anguspurchased goods and/or services” totaling the owed amount. Just last month, network operator Verizon Wireless, sued over an unpaid debt of $4,282.7.

All of these claims were addressed to Angus’ mother Lisa who filed to get control over his fortune shortly after he died.

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