Andy Cohen Cuts Kyle Cooke’s Mullet During Summer House Reunion


Andy Cohen and Kyle Cooke
Courtesy of Andy Cohen/Instagram/Bravo

Kyle Cooke made good on his promise to ditch his signature mullet by the Summer House season 8 reunion.

“OK, that’s a wrap — and I cut Kyle’s mullet,” executive producer Andy Cohen said in a Friday, May 3, Instagram Story video after filming concluded. “It’s going in the (Watch What Happens Live) Clubhouse.”

Andy, 55, added: “We need to figure out how to display it but it’s going there. (I) kinda botched it, but you’ll see.”

In his video, Andy held up a plastic bag with the discarded locks.

Kyle, 41, was joined by his Summer House costars on Friday to rehash the Bravo season. Months earlier, he promised Andy that he’d ditch his long tresses by the tell-all.

“Well, you tell me, Andy? Do you own a pair of sharp scissors?” Kyle said during an April episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “OK, we’re gonna do it (at the reunion).”

He added, “I will say, not to get sappy on you, but my grandmother passed away two weeks ago and pretty much the last thing she said to me was she hates my hair.”

Andy then promised Kyle’s late grandmother, Betty, that “we’ve got you” and the two men sealed the agreement with a handshake.

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Kyle had been growing out his locks since May 2022, reaching full mullet status by summer 2023 when he went to film season 8. While he’s been committed to rocking the “business in the front, party in the back” look, Kyle’s wife, Amanda Batula, needed more convincing.

“I think she was along for the ride originally because I don’t think she thought I would be able to continue on through the awkward stage,” Kyle previously told Bravo in 2022. “Until she makes me chop it off, we’re full steam ahead.”

By Kyle’s October 2023 appearance on WWHL, the reality TV star still wanted to “grow (it) out” so that he could eventually donate his mane to nonprofit Locks of Love, which uses cut hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

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