Andreea Dragoi, The ‘Next Olivia Dunne,’ Drops Jaws In Her Tiny Sequin Bikini


Andreea Dragoi, known as the “Next Olivia Dunne” and a standout swimmer from SJSU, captivates onlookers with her stunning appearance in a bikini.

Taking to her Instagram account, she shared an attention-grabbing update that left many users impressed. Dragoi treated her followers to a clip showcasing her in a revealing two-piece swimsuit, exuding confidence and allure as she flaunted her figure.

Andreea Dragoi Is Flaunting That Beach Glow

For her day at the beach, Dragoi ensured she was adorned in the perfect swimwear, captivating attention with her choice. Donning a sequinned bikini featuring vibrant blue and pink hues, the colors beautifully contrasted against her sun-kissed complexion, a testament to her frequent outdoor activities.

The set included a daring pair of thong-style bottoms, strategically covering only the essentials of her lower half. With its provocative design, the swimwear left Dragoi’s sculpted thighs and hips prominently on display. The high side straps extended gracefully over her hips, accentuating her petite waist and hourglass silhouette with finesse. Moreover, the front side of the bikini rested a few inches below Dragoi’s belly button, offering a tantalizing glimpse of her toned stomach, further enhancing her allure and beach-ready look.

Bursting Out Of That Tiny Bikini Top

The skimpy top featured minuscule triangular cups and a plunging neckline, offering a daring glimpse of Dragoi’s ample bust. With thin straps tied behind her neck, it accentuated her figure while leaving her shoulders and back bare. Meanwhile, the bottom pair of strings securely fastened on her ribs, highlighting her slender frame with precision.

Despite its diminutive size, the swimwear struggled to contain Dragoi’s ample assets, with her colossal chest spilling out from the sides. This resulted in a hint of sideboob, adding to the allure of her beach ensemble and emphasizing her natural curves.

Working On Her Tan

Dragoi, 21, effortlessly pulled her blond locks into a casual messy bun, opting for minimal accessories like a delicate necklace and sunglasses to complement her beach look. Filmed by the shoreline, the short clip captured Dragoi basking in the golden glow of the sun, her tanned figure radiating with a flawless complexion, courtesy of tanning products from COCOSOLIS.

Before embarking on her beach excursion, Dragoi was spotted with a transparent pouch containing two bottles, presumably her trusted tanning products. After stowing them away in her bag, the swimmer confidently showcased her bikini-clad physique to the camera, exuding confidence and allure as she prepared for a day of seaside relaxation.

Raising Temperatures In That Little Bikini

Dragoi was later spotted at the beach, where she wasted no time in putting the tanning products to use.

In the caption accompanying the post, Dragoi transparently disclosed that it was an advertisement by adding the hashtag “ad.” She further highlighted the product, encouraging her followers to “Stir up the atmosphere with COCOSOLIS tropical and juicy Ananas aroma 🍍 @cocosolisgcc @cocosolis.official,” showcasing her partnership with the brand.

Fans Go Crazy Over The Video

In the comments section, Dragoi’s followers eagerly showered her with compliments and emojis, expressing their admiration for her stunning appearance.

One follower gushed, “Exquisitely Gorgeous,” capturing the sentiment shared by many.

Another admirer remarked on her toned physique, stating, “What a sculpted body.”

Meanwhile, a third user emphasized Dragoi’s undeniable allure, commenting, “Simply irresistible insatiable sexy lady.” These remarks underscore the overwhelming appreciation for Dragoi’s confidence and beauty displayed in the beachside setting.

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