Aly Michalka Gives Birth, Welcomes First Child With Stephen Ringer


Aly Michalka and Stephen Ringer have welcomed their first child! On Monday, the couple told People that they welcomed their son, Jack Francis, in their Santa Barbara home on April 21.

“It was a very peaceful and calm birth, which is really what we were hoping for,” Aly tells the outlet. “He’s just a great little guy. He’s got a really special disposition about him.”

Jack Francis, who arrived two weeks early, takes his first name from his maternal great-grandfather and his middle moniker from his father’s side.

As for why Michalka and Ringer opted for a home birth with their son, the former explains, “Every woman’s birth is really their own journey and their own choice. But I do feel like our medical system intervenes in ways that can be really harmful for women and really traumatic for not only themselves, but for their baby. For me, it felt like a great way to be able to avoid that.”

Even after 50 hours of labor, during which she had the support of her husband, a midwife, and two doulas, Michalka says her birth experience was “just wonderful.”

“It was really everything we could imagine it would be,” she says.

Stephen Ringer and Aly Michalka pose together in 2016.Todd Williamson/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV

The Aly & AJ musician announced her baby on the way in a January Instagram post, revealing at the time that she and Ringer, a filmmaker she’s been married to since 2015, were waiting until birth to find out their baby’s sex.

“We found out the morning of our sold-out show at The Greek Theatre back in September. Our little one has been on stage with me across three states already and has even done some international traveling!” she wrote at the time. “… I’m so grateful for all the amazing women I’ve leaned on these past 6 months (you know who you are) it makes me hopeful about the goodness in the world.”

Since then, Michalka eagerly awaited her little one’s arrival with a baby shower, a Big Sur baby moon, and by marking her first Mother’s Day. Just days before news of her baby’s arrival broke, Michalka took to Instagram to celebrate her and Ringer’s nine-year wedding anniversary.

“I wish I could time travel back to that day with you. I do in my mind as I write this in bed next to you…along with all the other memories we’ve shared over our 12 years together,” she wrote. “So many sacred trips have been taken (there’s too many to count) but I hope we never run out of adventures.”

“Even when we are old and grey and hobbling through the streets of Rome, I hope we can laugh and hold one another up,” Michalka continued. “You have changed my life and also given me the greatest gift of all. I love you @auhasardspr you will always be my muse.”

Watch the video below for more on Michalka.



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