Adult Film Star Melissa Stratton Breaks Silence On Cause Of Sean Evans Split


Adult film star Melissa Stratton is finally opening up about the reason behind her sudden breakup with internet personality Sean Evans.

Stratton and Evans were an item going strong behind the curtains until the world got to know about them. The relationship ended in just two days of them being famous.

Now, Stratton is blaming the “Hot Ones” host, saying he balked under pressure once the world knew he was dating an adult star.

Melissa Stratton Says Being An Adult Star Caused Sean Evans Breakup

X | Melissa Stratton

For the first time, Stratton is sharing with the world why Evans ended their relationship quickly. When approached by paparazzi while running errands, the adult film star was asked if her line of work influenced the breakup. Stratton answered, “Yeah, definitely. We had conversations about it. It made sense.”

The sexual content maker explained that Evans was very aware of the kind of job she did, and they even had a discussion about it before they began dating. “I was always concerned about his image and how it would affect him,” she confessed. “He said it was okay.”

However, once their relationship made headlines, the show host began to change his mind because he couldn’t handle the “heat.” The somber adult film entertainer noted that she was “heartbroken” about the breakup because she liked Evans and their relationship was going well for a couple of months.

“We had a lot in common. I mean you always have hope that things will work out. I really liked him, but it is what it is. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me.”

She even spoke about their famous Super Bowl weekend celebration where they took a ton of pictures, saying they had a “great time.” Stratton noted that she and Evans introduced themselves as a couple to people, but the breakup makes her now embarrassed.

As for how she is dealing with the breakup, Stratton declared that she is doing fine now. The adult film star noted that she has no beef with Evans because “it’s okay to change your mind.”

Melissa Stratton Making Lemonade Out Of Breakup Lemons

'Hot Ones' Host Sean Evans Allegedly Dating Adult Film Star Melissa Stratton
X | Melissa Stratton

Despite the hurt of the breakup, Stratton has witnessed a silver lining as her popularity has spiked since the breakup. As we previously reported, following the pair’s split on Valentine’s Day, more people interested in X-rated videos flocked to P—hub to check out Stratton’s videos.

The adult entertainment site noted the demand for Stratton exceeded expectations, with her searches reaching a staggering 1,217% compared to her daily average. While the controversial platform didn’t have the final data for the star’s searches, they predicted she did even better than V-Day.

Reps of the adult content platforms expected Stratton’s search count to have a 1,350% increase compared to her daily average. Also, her OnlyFans account has seen a major uptick.

Speaking on the rise in popularity, Stratton said, “Yeah, of course. There’s obviously been some visibility there but that wasn’t my goal. It’s nice to make lemonade out of lemons I guess.”

As for her plans to give love a chance again, Stratton has no intention to dip her toes in the dating pool any time soon.

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