Abigail’s Vampire House Of Horrors Was Originally A Guinness Family Party Mansion – SlashFilm


Glenmaroon House was presented to the directors as a potential Wilhelm Manor by location manager Eoin Holohan, whom we also have to thank for scouting the stunning locations of Martin McDonagh’s “The Banshees of Inisherin.” For Radio Silence, Glenmaroon was instantly a winner. “Tyler (Gillett), he reminded me of a kid when we came in,” Holohan recalls. “He just took off videoing loads of corridors and rooms.”

The house was missing a few rooms that the script called for — a grand library, a basement, and a kitchen — which were constructed on a sound stage instead, but otherwise, it was ideal. “That house is all the things we were hoping to find for this movie and more,” says Bettinelli-Olpin. “I mean, it’s weird. It’s anachronistic. It doesn’t quite sit in a time because it’s been updated. Parts are still kind of just demolished and run down, parts are kind of nice.” The production had free run of the house for 35 days, the bulk of the 57-day shoot. “We lived there. We lived at Glenmaroon,” says Gillett, laughing.

While they may not have literally lived in the creepy vampire mansion (“Absolutely not,” declares Kathryn Newton, when the idea of staying at Glenmaroon is floated. “No sleepover, no hide and seek, none of that”), the cast did live together when they weren’t on set. Melissa Barrera, who previously worked with the directors on “Scream” and “Scream VI,” says that there was a similar set-up on those movies that enhanced the cast chemistry. “You create this makeshift family and it makes you really just focus on the work that you’re there to do.” 

The only cast member who didn’t live with them was Alisha Weir, a Dublin local. (“I actually knew the guy who owned (Glenmaroon),” she tells us. “My friend’s granddad owned it.”) 

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