5 facts to know about Titanic Expedition 2024 this July


This July, the world’s leading oceanographers, scientists, and historians are joining RMS Titanic, Inc.’s first expedition to the Titanic wreck site since 2010. Take a deep dive with us behind the scenes of this historic mission with five fascinating facts you can only find here.

How long does it take to get to the wreck site?
It will take 4 days and 964 Nautical miles from the port located in Providence, RI.

How deep in the Atlantic does the Titanic wreck site lie?
The site lies at a depth of 12,500 feet below the surface—the same distance as 35 football fields!

What is the only time of year Expeditions can operate?
Swells can reach as high as 22’ during colder months, so summer is the only short window of time to safely launch and explore the deep ocean.

What is a Chief Morale Officer?
Rory Golden is the Chief Morale Officer and he is a problem solver and communicator who diffuses stressful situations.

How long does it take to dive to the Titanic and return to the surface?
The dive takes 2-2.5 hours to get to the bottom and the same amount of time to return to the surface.

And finally, how can you plan your own adventure to the Titanic?
Get a virtual front seat to the expedition by joining RMS Titanic Inc.’s digital community at MemberDiscoverTitanic.com. In addition to expedition exclusives, you’ll receive loads of member benefits. Visit Expedition.DiscoverTitanic.com for more info.

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