17 Chic Skirts That Will Help You Exude Rich Mom Energy


Spring and summer are the pinnacle seasons for effortless, cool dressing — seriously! From sandals to dresses, the hotter months beckon for you to spring for easy, breezy sartorial options that won’t make you overheat. What’s more, skirts are a closet staple that can make your spring and summer much more enjoyable. Further, the rich mom aesthetic has been ever popular with Us and on TikTok, and we took it upon ourselves to help you find skirt styles that will give you the rich mom look seamlessly. 

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If there’s one category we love here at Us, it would be skirts. They’re such a versatile piece that provides plenty of breathability and comfort. Whether you like bold, colorful options or business-appropriate designs, you can never go wrong with a good skirt! Now that spring is underway, you should start a game plan for (…)

Whether you prefer billowing maxi skirts or edgy mini variations, there is a chic skirt that will make your spring and summer much more stylish (and comfy)! We rounded up 17 chic skirts that will help you exude rich mom energy starting at just $24 — read on to see our picks!

1. Prints, Please! graphic print pleated skirt is sure to become a compliment magnet — just $30!

2. Everyday Essential: No matter what the event is, this boho high waist skirt can help you do it all — was $37, now just $26!

3. Housewives-Inspiration: To Us, this high waist A-line skirt has a hint of ’50s housewife vibes. You can pair it with a flowy blouse and heels for a chic look — was $46, now just $30!

4. Carrie Bradshaw-Coded: In the recent seasons of And Just Like That, Carrie showed her penchant for pleated midi skirts. This high waist pleated skirt will help you live out your Sex and the City fantasies easily— was $35, now just $27!

5. Carry It All: We love this cargo pocket miniskirt because it’s functional but neutral enough to wear with everything already in your closet — just $49!

6. Smooth and Luxe: This satin high waist midi skirt will add a smooth finish to any top and shoe combo you plan to wear — just $29, now just $25!

7. Denim Princess: For those who love the sturdiness of denim, you’ll love this nonstretch denim midi skirt — just $145!

8. Sherlock Holmes Wife: We love fun prints, and this houndstooth check skirt instantly made Us think about the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. This skirt allows you to play into the narrative in a frilly, flirty way — was $59, now just $25!

9. Date Night Ready: If you have a date coming up, this satin lace trim mini skirt will make sure they don’t forget you — just $24!

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10. Breezy and Bold: You’ll love this linen-blend mini skirt because it’s airy and short but it packs a nice punch of color — was $70, now just $35!

11. Jeans Queen: If you are obsessed with sharp denim skirts, then this denim knee-length skirt is right up your alley (we love its cute button-down detail) — was $70, now just $35!

12. Boho Realness: This full swing tiered cotton blend midi skirt has an elastic waist for maximum comfort — just $98!

13. She Means Business: You have to admit it — this high waisted cargo midi skirt is super sexy and sophisticated — just $36!

14. Form-Fitting Allure: For the hotties who love form-fitting clothing, this ribbed midi skirt will become your new spring bestie. It has a cute fit and a thigh-high slit for a little edge — just $159!

15. Ruffle Your Feathers: This clean ruffle pull on skirt has adorable eyelet cutouts for a fashionable finish — just $24!

16. Check Me Out: The prep trend is never going anywhere, so you might as well get this pleated midi skirt and put a new spin on your preppy pieces — just $137!

17. Hot Mama: If you need to spice up your wardrobe, this mini skirt can help — just $168!

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