13 ’70s Fashion Finds That Will Anti-Age You


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Cher! Diana Ross! Dolly Parton! The ‘70s was one of the best decades for music and fashion. We‘re totally obsessed with the decade because the fashion had an ease and grace about itself that we’re still trying to duplicate today. What’s more, if you want to channel your inner ‘70s disco diva, we have fashion finds for you that are right up your alley!

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If you’re looking for a cool pair of palazzo pants or a cute pair of sandals, there is a ‘70s-inspired fashion find that will help you nail the vintage aesthetic easily. Nevertheless, we rounded up 13 ‘70s fashion finds that are so in style they’ll basically anti-age you — read on to see our picks!

1. Flow On: You’ll love these high waisted palazzo pants because they’re so roomy and timeless — was $30, now just $25!

2. Barbecue Energy: Pair this tube top with cute cutoff shorts or a handkerchief skirt for a fun twist — just $15!

3. Blocking The Haters: These retro oval sunglasses are so cute and they will evoke feelings of nostalgia — just $10!

4. Cool and Easy: These Levi’s shorts are classic and won’t make you overheat— just $70!

5. Attention Getter: These satin head scarves will help you channel your inner Bianca Jagger — was $31, now just $15!

6. She Means Business: You can throw this smocked boyfriend shirt on with trousers or a breezy blouse for office hours — just $27!

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7. Closet Staple: Denim is such a timeless material. These mid rise flare jeans pair well with T-shirts and sandals  — was $35, now just $18!

8. Beach Babe: We love this kaftan for its fun print and flowy demeanor — was $37, now just $24!

9. Sporty Chic: These Converse high top sneakers are effortlessly ’70s and they have a subtle sporty flair — was $82, now just $73!

10. Dancing Queen: For those who love block heels, this sandal is right up your alley— was $79, now just $57!

11. Everyday Essentials: Nothing beats a clean T-shirt. This cotton crewneck T-shirt is so versatile and neat — just $40!

12. Vacation Ready: This crocheted raffia bag is perfect for carrying the essentials and supplying a natural look — just $70!

13. Clog It Up: We love these sandals because they have a slight clog feel — just $119!

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