Sci-Fi Cult Classic 12 Monkeys Nearly Got Terry Gilliam Trampled By A Horse – SlashFilm


The Times article did point out that Gilliam still had some notable problems making “12 Monkeys.” Gilliam’s futuristic animatronic gadgets kept breaking down, for one. He also wanted to shoot a snowy scene in Baltimore, but the weather was too warm. Gilliam also had to reshoot certain scenes to retain continuity; keeping continuity between the future sequences and the present-day sequences mixed up a lot of the filmmakers. Despite everything, Gilliam delivered the film a week early and under budget. It seems he was still smarting from the production of 1988’s “Baron Munchausen” which initially had a budget of $23.5 million, but which eventually ballooned to a massive $46.5 million. On top of all that, the film only grossed $8 million. 

Gilliam rebounded well in 1991 with the emotionally disarming “The Fisher King,” but the bad memories of “Munchausen” haunted him. 

Gilliam, it seems, had a coping mechanism for the stress he encountered with “12 Monkeys.” He liked to go horseback riding far away from the set. Sadly, this ended up being a source of stress as well, as his horse threw him off its back and nearly trampled him. Gilliam was uninjured, but it must have been a wound to his pride to receive stress from the very thing that was supposed to cure him of it. 

“12 Monkeys” was eventually nominated for two Academy Awards including Best Supporting Actor (Brad Pitt) and Best Costumes. It was also a hit, making $168 million worldwide. In 2015, Terry Matalas adapted Gilliam’s film into a well-regarded TV series. Gilliam was nearly trampled, but he was ultimately okay. For once, he seemed to have made a film without his usual spate of extreme bad luck. 

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