Deadly 100-Car Pile-Up On Icy Overpass In China Leaves Multiple People Injured [VIDEO]


Recent reports from China‘s state media described chaos at Suzhou Industrial Park, where over 100 vehicles collided on an icy overpass, causing numerous injuries.

Severe weather, including cold waves and blizzards, has disrupted travel across the country, particularly in the south and central regions during the Lunar New Year. The government has initiated heightened rescue efforts.

The China Meteorological Administration also issued warnings for icy roads, while the National Meteorological Center urged preventive measures to mitigate weather-related disasters.

100-Car Pile-Up On Icy Overpass In China

Recent reports from State Media detailed a chaotic scene at Suzhou Industrial Park, China, where over 100 vehicles collided on an icy overpass, resulting in numerous injuries.

Social media footage captured the aftermath of the crash, which occurred early Thursday morning (6 p.m. ET Wednesday), showing cars entangled in the wreckage, including one dramatically angled high into the air.

Debris also littered the road, halting traffic as authorities worked to clear the area, prompting traffic police to issue warnings about treacherous road conditions.

According to NBC, three individuals were hospitalized with injuries, while six others sustained less severe harm. They also confirmed that the road has since reopened, with an investigation underway to determine the cause of the massive pile-up.

China Faces Extreme Weather Conditions Halting Travel Arrangements During The Lunar New Year

Before the recent pile-up, China has grappled with severe weather conditions in recent weeks, including cold waves, blizzards, and icy rain, affecting large parts of the country.

The country’s southern and central regions have borne the brunt of these extreme conditions, with freezing rain and heavy snowfall disrupting travel arrangements, especially during the Lunar New Year, a significant holiday marked by millions of people traveling home.

Responding to the challenges posed by the inclement weather, the Chinese government announced heightened rescue efforts on Wednesday. As reported by the state-run People’s Daily, the government is mobilizing all available resources to mitigate the impact of sudden and hazardous weather-related disasters.

Central And Southern China Cities Placed On Orange Alert With ‘Icy Road’ Warning

Central and southern cities in China have been placed on high alert by the China Meteorological Administration, with warnings issued for “icy road” conditions.

An orange alert, signaling the most severe level in the country’s three-tier system, has been raised due to the possibility of a significant temperature drop of 6C to 12C by Friday, particularly in southern regions where temperatures are currently near freezing.

Earlier this week, reports from state-run China National Radio highlighted unusual weather phenomena, including marble-sized hailstones falling in parts of Zhejiang province, as confirmed by the provincial meteorological administration.

In response to these weather challenges, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) has urged local authorities to implement precautionary measures, advised the public to stay warm, and emphasized the importance of safeguarding crops and aquatic products.

Two Dead In Beijing As Vehicle Plunges Into Icy Water

In Beijing, the temperature remained close to freezing on Wednesday, and locals awoke to find the city blanketed in white following an overnight snowfall.

Tragically, on Thursday, two individuals lost their lives in southern China when an unmanned barge struck a bridge, causing a section of it to collapse and vehicles to plummet into the water below.

Additionally, three individuals were reported missing after a cargo vessel collided near the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou.

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