Ryan Reynolds Crashes ‘The View’: I’m Blake’s Husband!


Ryan Reynold’s has appeared on The View several times in his career, but he’s always been invited.

This morning, the Deadpool star snuck into the studio without any of the hosts being wise to his presence.

Until, of course, he showed his face! There’s no mistaking that face!

ryan rynolds smile
Superstar Ryan Reynolds attends Paramount’s “If” New York premiere at SVA Theater on May 13, 2024 in New York City. ((Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images))

Ryan Reynolds Crashes ‘The View’ With His Mom: Watch

Shortly after the ladies got through Hot Topics on Monday June 10, Whoopi Goldberg made a fascinating discovery.

“You never know what’s going on here at ‘The View,’” she said to the crowd, about halfway through the show. “You know, sometimes, you look up and you’re like ‘Oh, this is really great.’ And then you look over and you go ‘Oh, snap! There’s Ryan Reynolds!’”

And sure enough, sitting front row in the audience was Ryan, accompanied by his mother, Tammy Reynolds. As it turns out, Tammy is an avid watcher of the show and as she was in town to visit her grandkids, she asked her famous son if he could pull some strings.

Ryan explained that he made a call to the show, telling them “I’m Blake (Lively’s) husband” and asked if they could get in. And they did!

“By the way, this is way less stressful than up there,” Ryan joked as the camera panned to them in the audience.

Delighted to have the famous family watching on, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin offered Tammy and Ryan an open invitation to return. She then added, “Tell Blake to come on!”

Ryan Reynold’s Big Summer Plans

It’s nice that Ryan fit in some time with his mom during her visit to see his daughters, Betty, Inez, and James. Pretty soon, his life is going to be all about Deadpool & Wolverine, the highly anticipated 3rd movie in the franchise.

Ever since the first Deadpool dropped in 2016, the union of the anti-hero in red and black and the X-Men’s most complicated leader has been clamored for.

On July 25th, fans will finally get to see the film they’ve been wishing for, and there seems to be no question that Ryan and Hugh Jackman, who is returning to the role of Logan for the first time since 2017, are going to bring it.

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