How Did Mamie Laverock Fall: Her Mom Explains


How did Mamie Laverock fall?

That’s the question every fan of When Calls The Heart is asking after learning that star Mamie Laverock is lucky to be alive.

Her parents have been keeping the public informed, ever since she was hospitalized. Their latest update reveals their daughter is in a “tremendous pain” after enduring a “medical emergency at home,” followed by a 5-story fall once in the facility.

What exactly happened? Was this a horrible accident or did Mamie try to hurt herself? Here’s what they’ve shared.

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Mamie Laverock starred as nursing student Rosaleen Sullivan on ‘When Call The Heart’s first two seasons. (Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen)

Mamie Laverock’s Accident: How Did The Hallmark Star Fall?

On May 11, the 19-year-old star of the hit series When Calls The Heart suffered a still an undisclosed medical emergency. If not for her mother, who arrived just “in time to save her life,” according to Mamie’s GoFundMe page, she may have been lost to her family.

However, things went from bad to worse after she was admitted to a Vancouver hospital. Mamie shockingly suffered a five-story fall from a hospital walkway, resulting in her being placed on life support.

How and why she fell are still being investigated. A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed to that “an incident happened” but refused to go into further detail.

“In cases related to patient safety, an internal critical incident review is conducted to determine exactly what happened and to make recommendations for improved patient safety,” the rep said.

However, Mamie’s parents insist they have “a case” against the hospital, and point the finger at hospital staff.

In speaking with the LA Times, Mamie’s mother, Nicole Rockmann, said that any potential legal action they take would be considered a “negligence-type case.”

“We have a case,” she said. “All we care about is that Mamie can make a recovery and that she’s alive and that she’s fighting and that she’s strong. It’s unbelievable that she’s with us.”

Mamie Laverock on Hallmark
A bright smile and a beloved daughter, Mamie Laverock’s family is sharing continual updates about the young actress after her fall. (Hallmark/Youtube)

Mamie’s Mother Addresses Concerns Over Daughter’s Mental Health

With very little information released, concerned fans started to fear that Mamie’s fall was perhaps intentional on her part, as horrible as it is to imagine.

However, her mother was clear that her daughter’s fall was not “intended” and was not a suicide attempt.

“It’s unbelievable that she’s with us,” she said. “This is an absolute miracle and there will be accountability.”

Still, as fans can rest easier knowing that Mamie was not attempting suicide, the young star still has a long way to go with her recovery.

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Mamie Laverock as Rosaleen Sullivan alongside the cast of ‘When Call The Heart’. (Hallmark Media/Photographer: Michael Courtney)

A Shattering Update and The Long Road Ahead

Back on her GoFundMePage, her family revealed that since the fall, things have been so much worse for Mamie. Though she is no longer being treated at the same hospital as the accident, she’s now having to deal with far more problems.

“Focusing now on Mamie’s surgery today. Her body has been shattered. She has undergone two 11 hour surgeries with two doctors working on her, a three hour surgery and another surgery today,” the family recently wrote.

When her mother spoke to the Times, she had the most uplifting update to date.

“Mamie just opened her eyes,” her mother said through tears during a phone interview, before adding.

“Let’s just hope this is the turnaround and she’s going to get through this now. I couldn’t be happier that people reached out and cared. The story will be told.”

We’re keeping her in our thoughts and pulling for a full recovery!

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