Anna Duggar Reacts to Donald Trump Guilty Verdict


As you may have heard by now, history was made on Thursday afternoon.

A jury of 12 men and women found Donald Trump guilty on 34 felonies related to a payment he made in 2016 to bury a tabloid story about his extramarital affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

This jury determined that Trump falsified business records eight years ago, illegally using campaign funds to influence the Presidential election by ensuring the public would not find out about said affair.

Donald Trump Found Guilty
Donald Trump speaks to the media after being found guilty following his hush money trial at Manhattan Criminal Court on May 30, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Seth Wenig-Pool/Getty Images)

Trump — the first former United States President to have been convicted of a felony — will be sentenced for his crimes on July 11.

Naturally, there has been plenty of reaction to this shocking verdict.

We weren’t exactly surprised, for example, to read a Tweet from former Minnesota Senator Al Franken that said in part:

This is a great day because justice prevailed; Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts. But a sad day because we have a former president who committed several crimes.

Donald Trump is defiant
Donald Trump is acting defiant in the wake of his guilty verdict. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

However, even as seasoned followers of the celebrity gossip universe, the following has taken us aback:

Anna Duggar ALSO Tweeted about the verdict.

“Who knew it only took twelve votes to prematurely deliver the win for a presidential election?!?!” the mother of seven wrote on May 30, adding the hashtag, “Trump Has Won.”

Duggar is implying here that a significant number of American voters will see Trump has a martyr and therefore vote him back into the Oval Office in November due to this legal decision.

Sadly, she may be correct.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar and three of their children appear on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting
Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar and three of their children appear on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting. (TLC)

Instead of focusing on Duggar’s message, though, which is shared by a number of other political observers, we have to focus on the messenger here.

Anna Duggar had not sent a Tweet for two years prior to this statement.

She previously expressed endless support for her husband Josh Duggar, who was found guilty in December 2021 of child pornography possession after he downloaded photos and videos of minor children from his work computer.

Josh is currently serving more than 12 years in prison.

Josh Duggar's mug shot from April of 2021.
In this handout photo provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, former television personality on “19 Kids And Counting” Josh Duggar poses for a booking photo after his arrest April 29, 2021 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. (Photo Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)

Aside from his heinous crime, Josh confessed years ago to cheating his wife with women he met on an adultery-based website… and also to molesting his own sisters when he was a teenager.

No one has quite been able to figure out why Anna remains married to this man.

A majority of individuals have felt sorry for her, however, assuming she has no financial means (and seven young kids!) to walk away from the Duggar family and that she has been threatened numerous times by Jim Bob Duggar.

And this may be true.

Now-disgraced criminal Josh Duggar sits beside wife Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Now-disgraced criminal Josh Duggar sits beside wife Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting. (Image Credit: TLC)

But Anna may also have lost whatever sympathy she had garnered over the years by choosing the Donald Trump verdict as the subject over which she has broken her social media silence.

“And also to put your child-abusing husband in jail! Go figure,” one user tweeted in response to Anna’s remark.

Meanwhile, another added, “Says the woman whose spouse is a convicted child abuser!”

It’s true. We can now use definitives to describe both Trump and Josh Duggar, thanks to these jury deliberations.

You may make up your own mind about her, but Anna Duggar has chosen to publicly support two adulterers, one of whom has been in possession of child pornography and another who broke the law in order to cover up an affair with a pornography star.

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