Kanye West Wants Threesome with Michelle Obama


Kanye West announced that his ideal threesome would include Michelle Obama.

A lot of people feel very uncomfortable about Kanye West’s marriage to Bianca Censori.

The vibes are off. Ye’s behavior does not always suggest a great deal of respect for his new wife.

Or for other women, which now sadly includes former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Kanye West and new wife Bianca Censori in February 2024. She looks, to some, like a depressed doll by his side.
Kanye West and Bianca Censori attend the Marni Fall/Winter 2024 Fashion Show during the Milan Fashion Week – Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 on February 23, 2024. (Photo Credit: Alessandro Levati/Getty Images for Marni Srl)

Michelle Obama is part of Kanye West’s fantasy threesome, so he says

On Monday, April 22, Kanye West was a guest on Justin Laboy’s podcast, The Download. You can see the video clip from the lengthy interview below.

Laboy asked Ye who he would choose to join him and his wife, Bianca Censori, in the bedroom for a hypothetical threesome.

Though Laboy began to suggest that he knew the answer, Kanye interrupted him — blurting out his answer. The answer? Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama in December of 2023.
Michelle Obama attends the American Symphony New Orleans Premiere on December 07, 2023. (Photo Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Netflix)

Kanye West’s answer was unexpected and wildly inappropriate. Which is very Kanye of him. It’s also unclear whether he meant what he said — which is similarly on-brand for Ye.

Both men cracked up at Kanye’s answer, and Ye then announced: “Gotta f–k the President’s wife!”

Is that a normal thing for a person to say? One should hope not. But Ye is notorious for incendiary, often spontaneous utterances that seem designed to shock.

Kanye West has an odd history with the Obamas

Obviously, Ye is prone to say anything — from vicious antisemitism to confessing family secrets.

However, he does have an odd connection to President Barack Obama.

Infamously, Ye (at times) acted as an outspoken supporter of disgraced former president Donald Trump. But there was a time when he seemed somewhat friendly towards the 44th POTUS.

Kanye West attends the screening of an alt-right propaganda film in October of 2022.
Kanye West attends the “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” Premiere Screening on October 12, 2022. (Photo Credit: Jason Davis/Getty Images for DailyWire+)

Both the former President and Ye have roots in Chicago. However, Kanye’s history of making outlandish (and malicious) statements has alienated a lot of people.

As for Ye and 44, that dates back to 2009. After Kanye’s infamous stunt at the VMAs in which he snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift much earlier in her career, President Obama accurately described him as a “jackass.”

That, like a lot of other criticism, did not sit well with Kanye West. He soured on Obama after that, and further as Ye became politically radicalized in the worst ways imaginable.

Kanye West in October of 2022.
Kanye West attends the Balenciaga Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 02, 2022. (Photo Credit: Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images For Balenciaga)

He’s probably joking (probably)

Truth be told, it’s entirely possible — even likely — that Kanye is joking. That he blurted out the most inappropriate name that came to mind in the moment.

Sometimes, very funny people cross the line in an attempt to be funny. Other times, people with unmedicated mental illness say outlandish things because they have no filter. Both can be true of the same person at the same time.

But we wish that Ye would make more ethical choices, be more considerate, and take care of his psychiatric needs. There are (still) people who love him and would like to see him behave himself.

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