Southern Hospitality Season 3: Everything We Know So Far!


It’s been made official, Bravo viewers: You’re invited once again to enjoy some Bourbon and Bubbles.

Back in May, executives renewed Southern Hospitality for a third season, making a decision most fans saw coming following the ongoing success of this Southern Charm spinoff.

For those unaware, the reality series has been compared to Vanderpump Rules because it follows the lives of employees at two bars in Charleston, South Carolina owned by Leva Bonaparte.

So… what do we know about Southern Hospitality Season 3?

Southern Hospitality season 2 cast
The cast of Southern Hospitality season is gathered together for this promotional photo. (Bravo)

Bravo has not confirmed the cast.

However, Bonaparte has been rumored to be taking a step back from Southern Charm Season 10 and will continue to be at the center of the scandalous action.

Elsewhere, the main cast members from the show’s opening two season — Maddi Reese, Joe Bradley, Grace Lilly, Mia Alario, Bradley Carter, Emmy Sharrett, Will Kulp, and TJ Dinch — are all expected to be back as well.

As for who we hear will NOT be returning?

Maddi Reese on Season 2
Maddi Reese on Season 2 of Southern Hospitality. (Bravo)

This is mere speculation, but Lucía Peña — the single mother who notoriously lost her job at Republic after having a drink at work — has likely filmed her final scene.

The same we think can be said for Mikel Simmons, who had drastically reduced less screen time on Season 2; and Oisin O’Neill, who joined the show last year and was known as the “milkman” for his unique online presence.

Potential newcomers for Season 3 include Republic staffers Molly Moore, Lake Rucker, Michols Peña, and Austin Stephan.

Southern Hospitality stars
Southern Hospitality stars sit around here and argue. (Bravo)

Southern Hospitality Season 1 and Season 2 are both streaming on Peacock for anyone looking to catch up.

You have some time to do so, too.

Bravo has not yet announced a return date for the program, although Season 1 ran from November 28, 2022 to January 23, 2023… and Season 2 aired from December 7, 2023 to February 22, 2024.

Because the show films in the summer, it’s likely fans can expect a similar debut time frame for Season 3.

But bookmark The Hollywood Gossip and rest assured we’ll let you know for certain when this news breaks!

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