Kalani Faagata Reveals Name of Daughter With Dallas Nuez


Kalani Faagata is unveiling the name of her daughter.

Earlier this year, Kalani Faagata welcomed her third child. This was her first baby with boyfriend Dallas Nuez.

Despite being one of the better-known 90 Day Fiance cast members, Kalani has kept this relationship fairly private. Even her pregnancy was a secret until she announced her daughter’s birth.

Kalani is now treating fans to new photos of her baby girl — and revealing her name.

Kalani Faagata wears glasses.
After she unblocked her hall-pass-turned-boyfriend, Kalani Faagata spent the night away from the resort on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Good for her! (Image Credit: TLC)

Kalani Faagata is sharing her baby girl’s name

On Monday, July 8, longtime 90 Day Fiance franchise star Kalani Faagata took to social media to share fresh pics of her daughter.

She shared four new photos to Instagram, all of which you can see below.

Kalani shared photos of her baby girl late in the spring. But not only has her daughter (of course) grown since then, but Kalani is now revealing her name.

Kalani Faagata’s infant daughter’s name is Masina Bee, she revealed.

You can see the name written in one of the photos. Another shows emojis of a crescent moon followed by an adorable cartoon bee.

This is because Masina means “moon” and because Bee means, well, “bee.” But there’s more significance to these names.

Kalani Faagata Speaks to the Camera
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 star Kalani Faagata admits that she had hoped that her husband would grow up. (Image Credit: TLC)

Why did Kalani pick that beautiful name for her daughter?

Kalani used her Instagram Story to expand upon her daughter’s name.

“Masina is a girl’s name of Somoan origin, meaning moon. It’s a variant of Salamasina, the name of a Somoan queen,” she detailed.

Much of the scholarly interest in Salamasina relates to how Samoa is sometimes portrayed as having always been a deeply patriarchal society. 90 Day Fiance viewers saw that assumption for ourselves as Kalani’s ex, Asuelu Pulaa, repeatedly attempted to control the family despite refusing to take responsibility for himself — or much of anything.

As for “Bee,” that ties into two members of her family: Kolini and Mary Faagata.

Kolini is Kalani’s sister — and also a fan-favorite among 90 Day Fiance viewers. Their mother’s name is Mary.

“Bee is my sister’s nickname and my mom’s favorite creature lol,” Kalani detailed. Adorable!

Kolini Faagata speaks to the camera on 90 Day: The Last Resort.
Kolini tells the camera that she felt fine with her brother-in-law, until she learned what he’d done. She doesn’t see him as trustworthy. (Image Credit: Kolini)

Congratulations, Kalani and Dallas!

Though Kalani has kept things fairly private with Dallas Nuez, fans have been generally supportive. (For the 90 Day Fiance fandom — as we all know, there’s a vocal group that will attack just about any woman on the show except the ones who deserve rebuke)

This is exciting. And a lot of people are just relieved that she is finally free from Asuelu Pulaa.

We all look forward to seeing more of Kalani, Dallas, Kalani’s sons, and of course little Masina Bee. What an adorable name for an adorable daughter!

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