Hawk Tuah Girl Reality Show: Coming Soon!


The Hawk Tuah girl is doing everything she can to turn the 15 minutes of fame into at least an hour.

And, to be honest… so far, so very good, we have to say.

For those unfamiliar, the Hawk Tuah girl is a 23-year old named Hailey Welch.

She went viral — like, REALLY viral — earlier this summer while being interviewed in Nashville by a popular YouTube show and asked about a sexual move that makes men go crazy in bed.

Welch, who was likely a few alcoholic drinks deep, made a very specific sound (think “hawk tuah”) and then said, “You gotta spit on that thang!”

The respond caused her friend to break into laughter alongside her.

And caused Welch to be christened the The Hawk Tuah Girl.

And also caused her to explode into a certain type of fame only possible in the social media age… that has changed her life forever.

You can watch the video that started it all above.

Now, meanwhile, TMZ reports that “big-name showrunners and producers” are reaching out to Welch in order to determine what sort of reality show could be put together that showcases her unique personality.

This really should come as no surprise.

In the month or so since Hawk Tuah Girl became an international sensation, Welch has appeared on stage with Zach Bryan at his show in Nashville an also hung out with Shaquille O’Neal at JBJ’s on Broadway.

She recently sat down for an interview on a Barstool podcast hosted by influencer Bri LaPaglia and has signed with a talent agency.

Welch also has an attorney and a PR team at this point, with manager Jonnie Forster — owner of Los Angeles-based management firm The Penthouse — stating that his client has been earning around $25,000 per various types of public meet and greets and appearances of late.

“Right now, she can make more money holding up a can for five minutes than she made all last year,” Forster has said.

Welch has her own line of Hawk Tuah merchandise and will soon move to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry.

“The first week of it, I was so embarrassed,” Welch told The Tennessean about the famous video and her initial reaction to it.

“I wouldn’t come out of my house. I went to work, but that’s about it. Other than that, I didn’t go anywhere. But I went from being embarrassed to living in the moment.”

That’s for certain.

As Welch told LaPaglia during the aforementioned podcast:

“There’s more to come, don’t worry.”

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