Deon Derrico Breaks Silence on Divorce, Says He is NOT Suicidal


Deon Derrico knows what you are thinking and he understands why.

But the reality star would like a moment to explain.

Just under a month ago, the TLC personality shocked fans when he and his wife, Karen, confirmed that had finalized a divorce.

The break-up comes while the latest season of Doubling Down With the Derricos is airing on the aforementioned network… and while the pair remain parents to an astounding 14 children.

Deon Derrico and his ex-wife
Deon Derrico and his ex-wife pose here for a promotional photo. (Discovery Plus)

“Together, we remain unified in the parenting of our 14 beautiful children — their well-being is our priority,” Deon and Karen said in a joint statement several days ago.

“We thank everyone for their understanding and support as we move forward for the good of our family.”

Earlier this week, Karen then broke her silence on the shocking split, saying on social media that she is doing “as good as can be” and adding:

“The children are doing good. It’s summertime, we definitely want to keep them all busy and occupied, and that’s the plan right now.”

Karen Derrico on TV
Karen Derrico is pictured here on an episode of her family’s reality show. (TLC)

In the wake of his wife’s message and the finished paperwork on his divorce, Deon shared a quote to his Instagram Story by actor Robin Williams (who committed suicide in 2014) that mentioned Depression, telling followers he found the late actor’s words relatable.

Yikes, right?

Aware of the concern that cropped up online concerning his mental health, Deon has gone ahead and uploaded a video in response to these worries.

“I’m doing very good,” he said in this footage. “Just like all of us, I am dealing with a lot, I have a lot going on — a lot of you guys know what I have going on — but no, I’m not suicidal.”

Continued the veteran reality star:

“When I posted that thing about Robin Williams, it’s because it’s true.

“He, just like myself, enjoyed making other people happy, but a lot of that (came) from his own pain at times. Same thing with me.

“I try to make people happy because of what I’ve gone through and me understanding what pain is like and wanting to make it better for other people.

“But there is no way under God’s green earth that I’m in any way depressed, suicidal, any of those things.”

Doubling Down with the Derricos stars
Doubling Down with the Derricos stars Karen and Deon Derrico speak to the camera. (TLC)

According to their divorce papers, they ex-couple plan to split legal and physical custody of their 13 minor children equally, with Deon ordered to pay $1,166 per month in child support.

Along with an 18-year old — whose desire to move across the country has been a point of contention on this season of their TLC series — the Derricos are parents of:

Derrick, 13… 12-year-old twins Dallas and Denver… 10-year-old quintuplets Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko and Dariz… 6-year-olds Diez and Dior… and 4-year-old triplets Dawsyn, De’Aren and Dyver.

The family starting filming its ongoing reality series in 2020.

Doubling Down with the Derricos promo pic
This is a photo in promotion of Doubling Down with the Derricos Season 5. (Discovery Plus)

Deon went on to encourage those who are dealing with Depression or suicidal thoughts to reach out to a health professional or local organization in order to find someone who can be of assistance.

These issues “can become very severe — and deadly, of course, as we all know,” he said.

“But Deon Derrico is good. I am good, I mean I am really and truly, mentally good. But thank you guys for your expressed concerns.”

In the caption that went along with this video, the father of 14 added:

I’ve been inundated with a lot of challenges here recently, but I’m emotionally very healthy, sound in my thinking, and feeling very blessed for my great health and family!!!

Deon and Karen Derrico
Deon and Karen Derrico share 14 children. They are now divorced. (TLC)

Back when they announced their divorce, the former husband and wife concluded as follows:

“Together, we remain unified in the parenting of our 14 beautiful children — their well-being is our priority.

“We thank everyone for their understanding and support as we move forward for the good of our family.”

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