Morgan Wallen Nailed in the Face by Fan-Thrown Thong


Morgan Wallen took an object to the face while playing a recent show. Fortunately for him, it was just an undergarment. Even better? A thong.

It sometimes seems that every news story about Morgan Wallen involves him either apologizing for doing something reprehensible or doing a new bad thing.

(For which he, in turn, apologizes)

But he still has passionate fans. Some of them seem to be thirsty for him. And one of them is now missing a thong.

Morgan Wallen in late April of 2024.
Morgan Wallen performs at the T-Mobile Mane Stage during the 2024 Stagecoach Festival at Empire Polo Club on April 28, 2024. (Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

No, Morgan Wallen did not do a ‘The Thong Song’ cover

Morgan Wallen recently performed at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Wile he was singing on stage, a small (and thankfully soft) object flew through the air and landed on his face. To be fair, his hat interfered somewhat, which is likely for the best.

As it turns out, the small, soft object was made of fabric, because it was a piece of thong underwear. And yes, as you can see below, video of the incident surfaced on Instagram and other social media.

Morgan Wallen in November of 2023.
Morgan Wallen attends the 57th Annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 08, 2023. (Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

In Australia, “thongs” refer to flip-flops. In both instances, the word “thong” refers to a narrow strip of material. In flip-flops, the thong is the strip that passes between the big toe and the “normal” toes.

When it comes to thong underwear, the term refers to the strip of fabric that loops over (or between) the wearer’s glutes.

There are some potential hygiene concerns when it comes to any version of “sharing” undergarments. However, between his hat and a deft catch, this doesn’t appear to be a contamination crisis.

Morgan Wallen seemed unfazed

While we wouldn’t necessarily accuse Wallen of being “well practiced” in the art of panty-catching, he certainly succeeded in catching that undergarment in a very smooth motion.

He also continued singing, wrapping up his lyrics without a hitch.

Turning around, he flicked the stage gift at the audience. There’s no word at this time as to whether the original owner recovered them, but it does seem unlikely.

Morgan Wallen in his mugshot in early April of 2024.
In this handout photo provided by Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, musician Morgan Wallen poses in a booking photo on April 8, 2024. (Photo Credit: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department via Getty Images)

Obviously, this comes on the heels of a couple of Morgan Wallen scandals. The most recent, of course, being his chair-throwing outburst in Nashville and ensuing arrest.

As we mentioned earlier and also previously reported, Wallen did apologize following that incident. He is extremely fortunate that it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt.

His previous scandal was older but worse. Many people (especially those outside of Country music) first heard of the man when he appeared in a video repeatedly saying the N-word.

Morgan Wallen in November of 2023.
Morgan Wallen performs onstage during the 57th Annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 08, 2023. (Photo Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Is he a better person now?

Morgan Wallen has reportedly worked on himself — asking fans to not defend his indefensible actions. He reportedly received counseling in the aftermath.

A lot of people feel divided over whether people are truly capable of positive change. As in, specifically, adults who do unforgivable things as adults — not, like, childhood errors.

Clearly, a lot of people either believe that Morgan Wallen is a better person than he was, or are worringly unconcerned with his previous actions. And one of those people is now missing an undergarment.

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